Quick Catch Up – May 2011

I’ve been terrible about blogging but I thought I’d put a few recent pics and vids up in an attempt to at least have some of this archived. ┬áThe weather this year has been rainy, rainy and rainy. It has hardly stopped raining for months. The pictures and videos below are all taken on some of the few nice days that we’ve had. It’s been flooding everywhere lately, including Anders room in the basement. Luckily we got that taken care of. We had a major hail storm last night with hail the size of marbles pounding down and filling the … Continue reading Quick Catch Up – May 2011

Watching Them Grow

I’ve been wanting to compare what each of my kids look like at the same ages through the years so, with General Conference on the tube, I decided to hop into Photoshop and line all the kids up. The images below are all either on or within a couple of weeks of their birthdays. Kind of neat to see the resemblances. 1 person likes this post. Like Unlike Continue reading Watching Them Grow