Watching Them Grow

I’ve been wanting to compare what each of my kids look like at the same ages through the years so, with General Conference on the tube, I decided to hop into Photoshop and line all the kids up. The images below are all either on or within a couple of weeks of their birthdays. Kind of neat to see the resemblances. 1 person likes this post. Like Unlike Continue reading Watching Them Grow

My Munchkins

I brought home some softboxes and backdrops from work so I could take some family pics while Katrina is still pregnant. The kids saw the lights and started to sit themselves down and pose so I started snappin’. Admittedly, I compensated in Photoshop what I lack as a photographer but I thought the photos came out great over all. I’m a big fan of close ups because I love the detail you can see in the skin and the eyes. Anyway – here are my favorites from the group of photos. I did take some pictures of Katrina, too, but … Continue reading My Munchkins

The Mill Creek Canyon Pipeline

This weekend my neighbor, Scott, invited me on a great bike ride called the Pipeline. I had heard of it before and was excited to go. I have an older cheap mountain bike but it proved sturdy enough. Me, on the other hand – not so sturdy. But more on that in a minute. It all started well, here we are before starting. Then I flipped over the front end of my bike going down a hill, smacked the rocky trail with my desk jockey body (and face) and then landed down here: After a quick scan for injuries, I … Continue reading The Mill Creek Canyon Pipeline