I turned 33 today. As is my recent tradition, I took the day off from work and enjoyed a day-date with my wife. I think everyone should take their birthday off from work. ¬†Katrina cooked me French Toast for breakfast then we dropped the kids off at our sister-in-law’s house where they were watched by our niece Brittany (thanks!) so Katrina and I could head up the Provo Canyon to go tubing. Yeehaw! The water was freezing but aside from our submerged numb butts and the occasional splash of water, we stayed fairly dry and had a great time. Then … Continue reading Thirty-three

Nils History, Part 10: Prom

This one’s funny. Who did you go to prom with? What did you wear? Did you dance much? I was uber-popular in high school. Did I say uber-popular? I meant UNpopular. I didn’t go to the prom at all. As it turns out, neither did my wife. Maybe we would have gone together if we hand’t been 2000 miles apart. In high school, I was a bit of a loser. Not a total loser, but a bit of one. I had my friends and I usually had a girlfriend but most of the time I was dating a member of … Continue reading Nils History, Part 10: Prom

Nils History, Part 9: Katrina

These questions my parents gave me are sometimes quite funny. I’m three weeks behind right now (life’s been busy) so I’m trying to catch up. My wife, Katrina, looked through the jar o’ questions to find which ones were short and easy. Today’s question: What is your mate’s name? Katrina. Sweet! Done deal. Well, I spose I should elaborate somewhat. I’m one of those lucky guys that marries the girl that everyone likes and wants to hang out with. Katrina makes friends easily because she’s very open and unassuming. She doesn’t judge people – almost ever. It’s an attribute that … Continue reading Nils History, Part 9: Katrina

Nils History, Part 8: Our Beliefs

This week’s writing assignment: Was yours a religious family? Did you attend services together? Were these dress-up affairs? Our family has always been very religious. We’re members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a.k.a. Mormons or LDS. My father comes from a long line of LDS church members, though he is the only active member of his family. My mom was converted as a teenager but it is the principal cause for her being essentially disowned. I’m very proud of the strength both of my parents show in putting God before all else, even family. Our family … Continue reading Nils History, Part 8: Our Beliefs

Nils History, Part 7: The 4 A’s

OK, so I’m a week late this time but I’m writing two posts tonight to catch up. Last week’s question asks: How many children do you have? What are their names? How old are they? Aaah, my kids. I love my kids. I’m a fairly young dad and I love that too. Katrina and I have four children. Let me introduce them. ANDERS: Our seven year old. He’s a smarty pants. He’s a creative soul. He’s into trying foods that he’s unsure of. He loves Nutella. He thinks school is too easy. He plays soccer. He’s a sensitive boy. He … Continue reading Nils History, Part 7: The 4 A’s

Nils History, Part 6: Friends from back in the day

Today’s question: Did you have any friends who went with you all the way from elementary school through high school? Are they still your friends? Just one in particular – Nate Roth. Nate was always a good friend, even in my “finding myself” stages of high school. He moved to New Mexico once or twice but was mostly close by and we spend many a year hanging out. In high school we both hung out with other friends as well but we always got along and had a good time. We mostly went our separate ways since high school but … Continue reading Nils History, Part 6: Friends from back in the day