Cross Fit Day 3

Yesterday, July 21, I attended a 90 minute beginner’s course for all newer cross fitters. It was pretty simple – we mostly just learned proper form and technique on the nine core exercises. I don’t think I remember them all but I know there was the squat (air squat), forward squat, shoulder squat, push press, dip press, sumo press, medicine ball press, dead lift, wall ball and . . . That’s what I remember anyway. At the end we did AMRAP for 7 minutes of 5 pullups, 10 pushups and 15 squats. My muscles simply died on the pushups. I … Continue reading Cross Fit Day 3

Cross Fit – Days 1 & 2

Yesterday I started doing a cross fit class from 6-7 am at Cross Fit – The Point, located a couple of buildings away from iGlobal. It’s kicking my butt so far. We’re encouraged to record our progress so here’s what I’ve got so far. July 19, 2012: FRANS: Thrusters and Pull-ups. Thrusters- 65lbs on the bar, hold it at chin level, do a squat, then lift it above your head. Pullups. For the FRANS test we did 21 reps of each (thrusters and pullups) then 15 then 9. Do them as fast as you can. I did it in 18:59 … Continue reading Cross Fit – Days 1 & 2

Dealing with the IT Band and Running Long Distances – Rest, Stretching and Wrapping

I’ve been training for a marathon for a while now. As it gets closer, I’ve been doing the longer runs – 12, 14 and 18 miles. I have run a couple of half marathons and they weren’t easy but they went well. Three weeks ago I ran 18 miles – the longest I’ve ever run. This was pretty rough and definitely pushed me. My 9-year-old son, Anders, was a most excellent helper. He rides his bike along side me and carries the gatorade and snacks in a bag on his handlebars. Very convenient. My strategy as of late has been … Continue reading Dealing with the IT Band and Running Long Distances – Rest, Stretching and Wrapping

Manti Pageant, Music and the Spoken Word, Painting, Bishopric

I shouldn’t really be blogging write now but I figured if I don’t write about my weekend now I never will. So here’s a one minute overview. Friday afternoon we took off to go to the Manti Pageant (my first time) with Kevin and Tonya and their kids. We had a great time, all went well and it was a pretty amazing production. We got back at about 1:45 am and we were a tired bunch. My parents came to stay with us for the weekend and arrive around midnight Friday night. Saturday morning I woke Anders up at 5:30 … Continue reading Manti Pageant, Music and the Spoken Word, Painting, Bishopric

My Twitter Persona

I’ve never been a big tweeter. Twitter? Tweetist? Anyway, I’m coming to realize that Twitter is more of a business currency than a social tool. I’ve started following several folks who post very useful and interesting links and/or stories that affect my industry more than my personal life. I stumbled upon this Twitter persona generator from and thought I’d have a go at it. I give you…. Nils According to Twitter. Be the first to like. Like Unlike Continue reading My Twitter Persona