Gold Butte Polar Panoramic 2010

I’ve already posted some pics from my two trips to Gold Butte but I had this polar panoramic that I made from my photos there. If you’re not familiar with polar panoramics, they’re basically just the result of stitching 360 degrees of photos together then pinching them into a globe shape in Photoshop. I did one of these in my cul-de-sac a while back. Be the first to like. Like Unlike Continue reading Gold Butte Polar Panoramic 2010

Watching Them Grow

I’ve been wanting to compare what each of my kids look like at the same ages through the years so, with General Conference on the tube, I decided to hop into Photoshop and line all the kids up. The images below are all either on or within a couple of weeks of their birthdays. Kind of neat to see the resemblances. 1 person likes this post. Like Unlike Continue reading Watching Them Grow

My Munchkins

I brought home some softboxes and backdrops from work so I could take some family pics while Katrina is still pregnant. The kids saw the lights and started to sit themselves down and pose so I started snappin’. Admittedly, I compensated in Photoshop what I lack as a photographer but I thought the photos came out great over all. I’m a big fan of close ups because I love the detail you can see in the skin and the eyes. Anyway – here are my favorites from the group of photos. I did take some pictures of Katrina, too, but … Continue reading My Munchkins

Light Painting: Flashlights and Long Exposures

I’ve experimented with light painting before but after seeing a recent collection of light paintings, I thought I’d take the kids down to the deep dark basement and give it a try again. We had lots of fun but the girls quickly grew bored with it and went upstairs. Anders and I stayed downstairs and he seemed to just love it. Here are a couple of the favorites. Be the first to like. Like Unlike Continue reading Light Painting: Flashlights and Long Exposures