Light Painting: Flashlights and Long Exposures

I’ve experimented with light painting before but after seeing a recent collection of light paintings, I thought I’d take the kids down to the deep dark basement and give it a try again. We had lots of fun but the girls quickly grew bored with it and went upstairs. Anders and I stayed downstairs and he seemed to just love it. Here are a couple of the favorites. Be the first to like. Like Unlike Continue reading Light Painting: Flashlights and Long Exposures

The Best Web Hosting Company

One day while searching for a better hosting company I came upon Blue Host, which (according to my neighbor who works with them as an affiliate) is the same company as Host Monster. I set up a friend’s site using BlueHost and was surprised at how intuitive everything was as well as how quick it was. Then, when it came time for me to renew my hosting for some of my own sites I decided to try Host Monster and, once again, was very impressed. At the tiny price of $5.95/month it’s a steal. Here are a few reasons I … Continue reading The Best Web Hosting Company