Gold Butte Polar Panoramic 2010

I’ve already posted some pics from my two trips to Gold Butte but I had this polar panoramic that I made from my photos there. If you’re not familiar with polar panoramics, they’re basically just the result of stitching 360 degrees of photos together then pinching them into a globe shape in Photoshop. I did one of these in my cul-de-sac a while back. Be the first to like. Like Unlike Continue reading Gold Butte Polar Panoramic 2010

Watching Them Grow

I’ve been wanting to compare what each of my kids look like at the same ages through the years so, with General Conference on the tube, I decided to hop into Photoshop and line all the kids up. The images below are all either on or within a couple of weeks of their birthdays. Kind of neat to see the resemblances. 1 person likes this post. Like Unlike Continue reading Watching Them Grow

The Best Web Hosting Company

One day while searching for a better hosting company I came upon Blue Host, which (according to my neighbor who works with them as an affiliate) is the same company as Host Monster. I set up a friend’s site using BlueHost and was surprised at how intuitive everything was as well as how quick it was. Then, when it came time for me to renew my hosting for some of my own sites I decided to try Host Monster and, once again, was very impressed. At the tiny price of $5.95/month it’s a steal. Here are a few reasons I … Continue reading The Best Web Hosting Company

Nils: An Experiment in SEO

Nils. So my name is Nils. As mentioned in an earlier post, I want to see how far up the search engine rankings I can get this blog to show up for the word Nils. I figure if I mention it (Nils) enough that it’s got to show up (Nils) eventually and start getting good (Nils) rankings. This blog was created on July 16 and was indexed by Google on July 17. Nice. However, at present (July 22, 2009) it does not show up at all in the top 500 listings for the term “Nils”. We’ll see what happens. CURRENT … Continue reading Nils: An Experiment in SEO